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Technology that saves lives

Help Flash is the leader in signalling solutions in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Help Flash


The most visible and safest signalling device

Help Flash is your light beacon for emergencies. Battery operated, small and so easy to use that you only have to worry about placing it somewhere visible—without getting out of your vehicle! Its bright flash warns other drivers, giving you 360° visibility and from more than 1 km (0.6 miles) away.

After the approval of Royal Decree 159/2021 in Spain, the V16 signal is the best signalling option as a legal replacement for the emergency triangle. All Help Flash beacons comply with the official Spanish regulations and are valid until January 2026, when it will be switched to a system of beacons connected to the DGT 3.0 (Spanish Road Regulator Authority Traffic Cloud) in which the Help Flash IoT will play an important role.

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Road safety pioneers

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Immediate signalling without leaving the vehicle

It was created with the aim of saving lives: after learning of the alarming road-accident statistics, we developed the first light beacon that saves lives

We believe in useful technology

That’s why we’re pioneers in developing connected V16 signals using Bluetooth technology or, together with Vodafone, using NB-IoT

Market leaders

We improve road safety every day with more than 1 million units sold at the largest retailers

Incident management

Get even more out of your Help Flash by downloading Incidence APP, your roadside assistant

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Download the app

Incidence drives with you and is with you on all your journeys, no matter what. Install the app and link your beacon to report your road incidents.

The app is compatible with Help Flash Smart and Help Flash IoT.


Our devices


3.0 Connectivity

The most advanced Help Flash has Vodafone’s NB-IoT technology built in. This enables you to stay connected with the best coverage, and in the event of an emergency, it will allow other road users to know the location of the incident through your GPS, improving your safety and everyone else’s.

What’s more, the Help Flash IoT meets (it’s currently in the approval phase by Spanish regulators) the equipment requirements that come into force in January 2026, when these devices will be mandatory in Spain.



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What do our users say?

Jesús Montañes

‘Very good product, compact size with a powerful flashing light and a good white light. It easily sticks to any metal surface and offers extra road safety as the lights can be seen in any weather condition. 100% Spanish product. A definite must if you travel a lot by car.’

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Isabel Teba

‘I think it’s very useful to carry with me in the car or motorbike. It flashes with a very powerful light, it has a magnet that sticks to any metallic part of the car or to the road barrier and activates automatically. It can also be turned on manually. An essential tool to have with you in the event of a breakdown or accident to signal, (better not to have to use it) but it can save your life or that of others. VERY USEFUL.’

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Carolina Molano

‘I had a rear-end accident on the dual carriageway, at night and in heavy rain. I decided to stay in the car and signal with the Help Flash, which I keep in the door. I called 112 from inside my vehicle to report the accident and roadside assistance so that they could send me a tow truck. Some people who stopped to help were amazed at the power of the light. 100% recommended.’

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Devices approved by traffic authorities

All our light signals are approved by Applus IDIADA in accordance with the requirements established by the Spanish traffic authority (numbers PC19010175, PC19080098, PC19010266)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Always display it at the highest place so that it’s visible from further away, and always as horizontal as possible to the ground due to the direction of the light beam. For cars, Help Flash should ideally be placed on the roof, or the frame on glass roofs, or alternatively the driver’s door panel (make sure it’s as visible as possible to other traffic). Make sure it’s not hidden by vehicle accessories such as roof mounting systems.

40% of breakdowns are electrical, which would make it impossible to connect the device to the vehicle. In such events, even the car warning lights would be useless, which is why the Help Flash is so essential.

No, Help Flash works mechanically by mechanical magnetic induction, which prevents battery discharge during its lifespan. It can go 5 years without being used and its battery will remain at 90% capacity. However, it’s a good idea to replace the battery every 2 or 3 years if you don’t use it because of the harsh storage conditions that can occur inside a vehicle (high and low temperatures, humidity, etc.).

Incidence is a road safety application that has agreed to partner with Help Flash as it’s the only light that comes with Bluetooth technology. Incidence works separately and has extra features with Help Flash Smart and Help Flash IoT by Vodafone.

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