Parabolic reflector

range of up to 1 km

Very lightweight and compact

easy to store

LED Technology

triple flashing amber light



Magnet activation

an also manual

Powerful white light

you can use it as a torch!

Maximum comfort and efficiency in critical situations

Stick it on a metal surface and it will turn on automatically! You’ll be able to use both hands with its 360º torch mode or warn other drivers about your situation thanks to its emergency signal.


Suitable for any weather conditions


condiciones meteorológicas

There’s no need to worry about rain or breeze!

Help Flash can get wet and stay lit for hours

Why use Help Flash?

It’s legal

Help Flash is a legal signalization device compatible with the current Road Safety Regulations.

Power supply

Help Flash works on alkaline high quality batteries type 6LR61 of 9 volts. We recommend VARTA MAX TECH. This type of batteries isn’t affected by sulphation of the battery terminals and ensures that the device will be in perfect state for up to 5 years, according to the storage conditions.
Specially recommended.

Autonomy of use

More than two and a half hours on emergency mode. It lasts twice as long on torch mode: up to 5 hours.

Where can I use it?

Specially recommended.

Help Flash is heard, read, and spotted

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