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29 de September de 2020

Help Flash as a marketing tool

Help Flash is the forerunner and leader of V16 light signals. For newcomers, Help Flash is a light you can place on top of your vehicle to signal it properly in unfavourable conditions. This avoids having to get out of the car and put out the emergency triangle, with the associated dangers, and minimises the risk of a second accident due to lack of visibility.

How can it help my marketing strategy? 

A number of companies, including Renault, SEAT, Carglass and Reale Seguros have already used Help Flash as a tool to attract new customers or as part of their loyalty strategy. 

This high take-up is mainly down to three factors: usefulness, brand image and price

/ Usefulness: 

This is a product with a high perceived value that is clearly useful in terms of safety, is recommended by traffic authorities and is in the process of being included as a mandatory element in all passenger cars.

Because of these features, customers will appreciate it the day they receive it, the day they have to use it due to an incident and the day it becomes mandatory and they don’t have to invest in one. 

/ Brand image:

With a V16 light signal in your campaigns you give yourself a clear association with safety, and if it’s Help Flash, you get its image of quality and leadership as an added bonus.  

/ Price: 

This product doesn’t require a high investment and has an excellent cost/perceived value ratio

Successful case studies: 

In the following paragraphs you’ll see well-known companies that opted for Help Flash both to attract new customers and reward existing ones. 

Carglass: For 2 years on the run Help Flash has been selected as its main summer campaign element, receiving excellent praise from their customers. 

SEAT: At present, SEAT gives a device to all users who go to have their vehicle checked at official centres

Reale Seguros: As part of its profit reinvestment strategy among its clients, it gave many of them a Help Flash Smart

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