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22 de September de 2021

Help Flash Tracklist I: Emergency Triangles

You’ve heard it already: triangles are doomed to disappear. Only warning ones, of course. Others are still on the rise: search for ‘Love Triangle’ on Filmin and you get 309 hits. In case you like binge-watching. Or other things.

But going back to emergency triangles, although they’ll still be with us for a while, we’re already feeling a bit nostalgic. But that’s only understandable. We’ve been together many years. We’ve taken them everywhere: to the office, on holiday, on weekend getaways… And we still had so much to learn about them. Like were they oblique, obtuse, or acute?

So, we’ve done what you always do when you’re feeling nostalgic: listen to music. And make a playlist.

Our top 10 songs about triangles

Before we get into the list, let’s go over the rules. Everyone knows that making a playlist is an art, but since it’s the first one, we’re not going to be too strict. We’ll only have three:

  1. They must have the word ‘triangle’ (not emergency triangle, let’s not get too carried away).
  2. It has to be as varied as possible (then in the comments you can tell us which you like best).
  3. There can’t be two songs by the same group or by the same soloist (for the same reason as rule 2).

Of course, we also hope to surprise you with some of these top entries. And you may even have to skip one or two. But then again, if you discover new music you really love, we’ll be happy.

Here we go:


We couldn’t have kicked off a list about disappearing things with a better song choice. Fake news? Maybe, but we love The X-Files too much to erase the most famous triangle in history from our minds. Plus, it’s one of those songs that’s great for talking about all the things we talk about when we don’t want to talk about love. ‘Me volví perro de presa / del perfume de tu pelo / Disimulando el anhelo / mirando hablar a tu boca / Todas mis brújulas locas cambiándome el plan de vuelo’. [I became a guard dog / for the perfume in your hair / Hiding my longing / Watching your mouth speak / All my crazy compasses changing my flight plan/]


There was a time when you couldn’t host a music festival without inviting The Go! Team. They are to the stage what Luca Toni is to football teams: no matter the city, they’ve been there. For this list we’ve dug out a song from Rolling Blackouts, their third album. As simple, spirit-lifting and rousing as as a beautiful landscape seen from your bedroom window.


The sun disappears. You step into a road where you need all your wits about you. A storm threatens, but it never comes; you don’t know whether to be worried or just enjoy the moment. That’s Fever Ray’s music. More than moving somewhere between extremes, it takes you right to the edge of them. A dark, atmospheric sound, but melodic enough that you can hear it in video games like PES 2011 and series like Vikings.

7. TRI ANGLE: THE END (2010 – 2020)

What’s a playlist without a hidden gem? We’re breaking our own rules (it’s not the name of a song) to talk about one of the most interesting electronic music projects of this century: TriAngle Records. From its first release, Let Me Shine for You, a collection of Lindsay Lohan covers, to this farewell playlist, Robin Carolan’s label introduced us to unknown artists such as Forest Swords, Oneohtrix Point Never or The Haxan Cloak who have gone on to collab with stars like The Weeknd, Björk and Kayne West.


Feeling a bit down after so much dark electronica? Not to worry. We’re out of the tunnel and back on the road with Weezer. If there’s anything that can lift your mood in the middle of a 50-mile gridlock, it’s this iconic 90s rock band. Especially with this track about a ‘boy who meets a girl and wants to spend the rest of his life with her’… Except it turns out she’s a lesbian and not at all interested (that’s where the pink triangle comes from). Just don’t pay any attention to the lyrics and it’ll be fine.

Disclaimer: It’s not for everyone, but if you like it, you won’t be able to stop listening to it.


Something’s missing from this top ten list, right? A great voice. One that turns everything it touches to gold: pop, reggae, R&B, you name it. And that makes you fall in love with each song. In Tougher Than Love, her debut album after collaborating on a Notorious B.I.G. track, Diana King included this hit about the classic love triangle: ‘Ever been in love with a man (and another man)?’ All’s fair in love and war.


From a classic track to a recent release. No, it’s not a cover, even though that beginning does take us back to the eighties. The collaboration between Italian producer and DJ Bawrut and Chico Blanco, the last white hope of our pop’, which they re-released this year, is set to become a summer floor filler. No hassle. No bad vibes: No me como el tarro / triángulo de amor bizarro’. [I won’t fry my brain / bizarre love triangle.]


Fan of jazz? If the answer is yes, you already know this song. And if not, what better way to get into jazz than with the classics? Dizzy Gillespie with Sonny Stitt and Sonny Rollins in what it is universally recognised as one of the best jam sessions recorded on disc (or at least, so they say at Allmusic). Enjoy this bebop.


We could have gone with The Pogues’ version, who revived it for a new audience in 1984. Or with Jeff Tweedy’s. Or with Bob Dylan’s. Ever since it was composed by Dick Shannon in 1952, The Auld Triangle (or The Old Triangle, Ye Auld Triangle, etc.) has become a standard: a classic interpreted in all styles, throughout the decades, even with different lyrics (it was originally about Mountjoy Prison in Dublin). For this mixtape we’ve decided to include Cat Power’s version, which featured in her cover EP Dark End of the Street.


Number 1 could have gone to both Galicia and Manchester, but Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, the Coruña-based post-punk/indie rock band, doesn’t have a song with that name. It does have an album with triangle in it, but we already cheated a bit with number 7… In any case, Sumner’s, Hook’s, Gilbert’s and Morris’ hit is more than worthy of the number-one spot on our list.

Bizarre Love Triangle is another gem from New Order’s best era, which lasted from Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) to Technique (1989), when every single and practically every album became an instant classic, uniting punk with Ibiza clubs, pop melodies with house, smashing top-hit lists, dance floors and best-of-the-year compilations. And if you think they belong in the past, think again: Blue Monday was the soundtrack of the latest European Championship, featuring in the UEFA Euro 2020 TikTok ads. Legendary.

We’re looking forward to seeing your passionately supportive comments and even more, your unbridled criticism. You probably think we’ve missed one. We’re all ears.

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