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Quality and Road Safety Policy

At NETUN SOLUTIONS, our service is based on the design, manufacturing management and marketing of the HELP FLASH safety beacon.

Our staff, together with our continuous innovation and a mentality of continuous improvement and road safety, ensure we offer the best service and the highest-quality products.

  • Striving for excellence in our products and service, as well as maximum customer satisfaction, we base our policy on the following commitments:
    Promoting road safety across our organisation, in our surroundings and in society in general with the aim of eliminating or minimising deaths and serious injuries as much as possible.
  • Promoting awareness, sensitivity and training for our employees on the quality and road safety requirements defined in our organisation, as well as compliance with the applicable legislation in the sector regarding road safety, our customers’ requirements and other applicable standards.
  • Achieve continuous improvement in our Quality and Road Safety Management System.
  • This policy provides us with the reference framework to define the Quality and Road Safety goals and objectives to be carried out within our organisation.

In Nigrán, 02 April 2018