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27 de October de 2019

The European Commission Grants a Seal of Excellence to the Smart Flash project

At the end of this year, the Smart Flash project created by Netun Solutions received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, a quality label awarded to promising project proposals under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation programme.

Smart Flash

IoT has been enjoying unprecedented growth in the auto industry. Current trends involve connecting vehicles to the roads, cities and between themselves. In the field of road safety, vehicle signalling means nothing without connectivity. Bodies like the DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic) have invested in connecting vehicles and monitoring road traffic with the launch of the DGT 3.0 platform.

The original Help Flash project, which was designed to signal vehicles in the event of a breakdown or accident, has evolved to become Smart Flash, taking a step forward towards connected assistance service.

Through a mobile app, which is activated when the Smart Flash is turned on using a chatbot with cognitive artificial intelligence, the app engages with the user using natural language, helping them in the process of contacting emergency services or insurance company assistance services, sending relevant user data (location, basic vehicle data, medical data, etc.) to ensure better assistance by reducing response times.

The Seal of Excellence

The Seal of Excellence is a quality certificate awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, to help these proposals find alternative funding. The certificate ensures compliance with the criteria of excellence, impact and quality and efficiency in implementation. Recipients secure funding for their projects from the Horizon 2020 budget.

This is a very interesting initiative devised by the European Commission to be able to create synergies between funding from the Horizon 2020 programme and other funding sources, which only get around 10% of the companies that apply to this programme.

Business Innovation Director at Finnova Foundation, Adrián Noheda, states that this recognition ‘is of great importance for the international expansion of Netun Solutions, and positions it as an innovative company in the current competitive landscape’. Furthermore, the company is eligible for the next call of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator, the main tool for the internationalisation of innovative companies and services in the European Union, which provides up to two and a half million Euros for international expansion. The selection process is highly competitive, and less than 6% of the projects are approved.

SME Instrument

The Seal of Excellence obtained by Netun Solutions, under the call for the SME Instrument, will remain valid in the Horizon 2027 programme, which grants 115 billion Euros for innovation. In Netun’s case, Finnova sources report that it can apply to the European Innovation Council (EIC), in which the European Commission subsidises innovative companies with 2.5 million Euros, and grants funding of up to 15 million Euros in a participating loan.


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