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luz de emergencia para motos

15 de March de 2021

The perfect safety accessory for bikers that doesn’t take up space

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Help Flash, the emergency light for motorcycles

According to the British Government, the only safety gear motorcyclists are required to wear in the UK is a helmet. However, to ensure motorcyclists’ safety and reduce road accidents in this type of vehicle, it’s important to take additional measures.

A key element that’s especially important if you want to improve your road safety is an emergency light. A motorcycle stopped on the road, be it due to a breakdown or an incident, is a danger to other vehicles as it can cause a collision if not properly signalled.

Due to their large size, warning triangles are not an option for vehicles without a passenger compartment. But travelling without any kind of warning device is incredibly dangerous.

Light signalling plays a decisive role in the number of accidents on intercity roads Furthermore, according to official figures, 70% of accidents occur at twilight or at night and 90% of them are recorded on roads without sufficient lighting. This data demonstrates the need for hazard-signalling light devices such as Help Flash: a compact, automatic, autonomous option, approved and authorised by traffic authorities.

Advantages of carrying a Help Flash in your motorcycle:

    • Automatic magnetic activation: Easy and straightforward to use as all you have to do is secure it to a metal surface on your motorcycle (the rear part, tank, mirror bar, seat or even the road guardrail) and it will begin to emit a flashing yellow signal. You can also activate it manually.
    • Maximum visibility: Its parabolic reflector with LED technology allows your motorcycle to be visible from all directions and 1 km away, even in low light conditions.
    • Light, small and easy to store: Small, handy device, making it ideal for motorcycles.
    • Also works as a torch: It can be attached to the sheet metal of your motorcycle or placed on a flat surface so that you can perform any task with your hands free.
    • Autonomous and wireless: Given that nearly 40% of roadside breakdowns are electrical, wired emergency lights and devices are useless. Help Flash works with a commercial non-rechargeable 9V alkaline battery type 6LR61, which provides 2.5 hours of autonomy in emergency mode and 5 hours as a torch. In addition, this type of battery, which doesn’t suffer from sulphation, means the device can be stored for up to 4 years and conserve more than 80% of its capacity.
    • Works in all types of weather conditions: rain, snow, wind and fog.


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