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1 de October de 2019

Help Flash Receives the Mindtech Startup Europe Award

Netun Solutions, with its Help Flash project, was recognised in the category of Best Startup in the Mindtech Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) promoted by Asime, Asociación de Industriales Metalúrgicos de Galicia (Association of Metallurgical Industrialists of Galicia), and with the collaboration of Xunta de Galicia.

Recognition for good work

The project was awarded for its significant social impact on road safety as it reduces the number of deaths caused by road accidents.

The Help Flash device for signalling incidents on the road and contacting emergency services without having to leave the vehicle is a safer and more efficient alternative to the current warning triangles.

The awards

The awards, which were presented on 10 September during the opening dinner of the Mindtech Trade Fair, a benchmark for the industrial sector in Vigo, are organised in collaboration with the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA), an open innovation initiative by the European Commission and implemented by the Finnova Foundation, which has had the support of the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee and several members of the European Parliament.

In this way, they constitute an open innovation tool to promote public-private partnerships that improve citizens’ quality of life thanks to innovative projects. In the gala, a cheque from Startup Europe Accelerator was presented with the aim of publicising the project across Europe, as well as helping to understand how the European Union works, European legislation and how to participate in European funding opportunities.

The way forward

CEO of Netun Solutions, Jorge Costas, shares that he greatly appreciates the recognition, ‘as it is the result of the intense work we’re carrying out in the company, however, when it comes to institutions of such magnitude, the satisfaction is even greater.’ Furthermore, he states that this is a very important step in the right direction ‘to help improve road safety not only in Spain but also globally’. 

Finnova’s head of legal affairs, Juan Manuel Revuelta, stresses how important it is that the acceleration cheque granted to Netun Solutions ‘be used to promote a change in legislation across Europe that will save lives’. He also highlights that the legislative models carried out in Spain can inspire other countries.

To this end, the Finnova Foundation posed a parliamentary question on the possible change of legislation on roads to save the lives of Europeans at the hearing of the Health Commission held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 1 October. Commissioner-designate Stella Kyriakides appeared before the parliamentary committee and the committees responsible for the Health portfolio to discuss important issues in this regard.

This initiative seeks to raise awareness about an issue of both public health and road safety, as it is estimated that in the EU 2,000 deaths occur when vehicle occupants leave their car to place the regulatory emergency triangle. Help Flash is an alternative that prevents accidents and saves lives by giving vehicle occupants greater visibility and safety on the road.

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