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20 de May de 2021

Help Flash Smart Named One of the 100 Best Ideas of the Year by El Mundo Actualidad Económica

The Spanish-made smart V-16 light has been selected as one of the most innovative projects of 2021 in the connectivity category.

As has become an annual tradition, Spanish newspaper El Mundo and its magazine Actualidad Económica have named the best innovations in the Spanish business sector. This award seeks to spotlight companies and businesses that stood out for their originality in the past year, creating wealth and knowledge in the country. In total, nominations were submitted in 14 categories.

Among the initiatives awarded in this 2021 edition was Spanish invention Help Flash Smart manufactured by Netun Solutions, which was chosen as one of The 100 Best Ideas of the Year in the connectivity category.

Among the features that helped the light device receive this recognition, the publication highlights that, ‘This smart beacon, called Help Flash Smart, allows drivers to automatically contact emergency services or roadside assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown. It also allows you to share where you are with your insurer and follow the whereabouts of the tow truck that’s coming to help you.’


Help Flash Smart: the smart version of the emergency light

Help Flash Smart is an evolved version of Help Flash, the signalling device for road incidents. This smart beacon not only signals road incidents with a light to keep vehicle occupants safe, but also contacts road assistance services through an app that’s activated automatically. Another of its advantages is the geolocation feature. The Help Flash Smart sends information to integrated insurance companies about the exact place where the damaged vehicle or injured person is located.


Advantages of Help Flash Smart

Having a light signalling device for road incidents offers users a long list of benefits, such as making yourself visible to other drivers without having to leave the vehicle’s passenger compartment and put yourself in danger. However, the advanced smart version has even more advantages.

The efficiency with which it contacts emergency services means that they can arrive in less time, improving the prognosis if you or anyone else is injured. In critical situations, reaction time is vital, and this device reduces that time to the maximum. Furthermore, it also significantly reduces stress in the event of unforeseen events on the road.

On the other hand, its geolocation feature, which is currently only available to clients of Reale Seguros and AXA, is invaluable when you don’t know exactly where you are or where the incident occurred, which makes it difficult to ask for assistance.

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